Bruno The Boy With The Striped Pajamas

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Bruno the boy with the striped pajamas


The film The boy with striped pajamas is given in Germany during World War II, under the power of a dictator (authoritarian). We can see how Bruno’s father is a very important soldier who is promoted to a more important position, this consists of being the supervisor of a concentration camp of Jews (this man treats the family as a military, everyone does what hesays, at home).


His family is not aware of this, they only know that he was promoted, he conceals this so that the family does not realize. He hired a tutor for children, that tutor to speak so washed their brain telling them that the Jews were not people and that they were all bad, thus convincing Bruno’s sister;However, Bruno was not sure of it, he feels in his heart that they are wrong because he sees more than they see.

One day one of Bruno’s father’s soldiers was with the mother and saw that a very black smoke was coming out of a camera and the soldier said "they stink more when they are burned" and the surprised mother broke into tears to know what was what happened. He entered the house angry to argue with the husband and he said: I swore for my life that I would not tell anyone, it was a secret, first putting his job before his family.

For the father it was not only a matter of work, but of honor, of extinction of things that had no human value. It was also that someone else who owned something, the Germans believed themselves, who had to dominate, have absolute control of everything, infused fear, were dictators imposed their opinion at the expense of anything. For them everything was political power.

One day Bruno was very bored and decided to explore the backyard to which he was prohibited from going, there he saw a small window that he could pass to continue exploring. He was running through the forest when he saw the concentration camp (he thought it was a farm) there he saw a child who was Jewish and began to speak, they became friends.

The next day Bruno’s friend (the Jew) was in the family mansion cleaning the dishes, Bruno saw him and glad, he was hungry and Bruno gave him bread. Dad’s soldier saw him eating bread and told him that you do that unclean Jew.

The next day Bruno went to the concentration camp to see the friend this was all hit with a purple eye, he told Bruno that he did not find the dad, then Bruno told him that he would help him look for him, he told his friend that he was goingTo pass to the other side, to get a pajamas for him, he was going to bring a shovel to make a hole.


It was already the next day and Bruno headed there, they made the hole and changed their clothes, entered the field and accompanied the friend to look for him, in that the soldiers break and call them all so that they go to one of the cameras, there were many people grandparents, adults and children all were burned, the scared mother did not find Bruno told the father and they were all the soldiers to look for him, they did not find him until they saw the open window went to the field, but when they realizedIt was too late, Bruno was dead. 

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