Bruno And Shmuel’S Story

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Bruno and Shmuel’s story


The story takes place at the time of World War II, mainly from a family in which the father was an important Nazi soldier and who lived in Berlin originally and then moved to the countryside for the work of the father.


They traveled by train and then by car to arrive, once there, Bruno realizes that from their room, in the new house, you can see a "farm" in which there are "strange" people, and thereforeThey did not allow him to go to the backyard. One day the child asks one of his father’s soldiers for a tire and he sends him with a lord of the “farm” for him, that is when he realizes where he can pass to explore near the "estate".

One day Bruno, angry to be at home, escapes through the window he had seen last time and crosses the forest until he reached the concentration camp in which he realized that there was a boy named Shmuel, to whom he wasHe approached him to speak (the two were 8 years old). The next day Bruno escapes again to go with Shmuel and continues to go while he has a chance and gradually realize the situation in which Shmuel is and gradually become friends.

One day at a dinner where the family is and one of the father’s soldiers, the soldier murders the Jew who worked at the house and this in a way scares Bruno about the situation he lives, his family and the nation. The day after Dinner Bruno is Shmuel at home, he speaks and gives him food and when they realize this he denies him and stops seeing Shmuel for a while until one day he finds him beaten and continues playing playingwith the.

Shortly after Bruno’s grandmother dies after a bombing and her parents’ relationship worsens after her mother finds out what they do with the Jews. When they tell Bruno to move, he tells Shmuel and they stay that Bruno will spend the other side to help Shmuel look for his father. The next day as they were, Bruno goes to the other side and when he began to help Shmuel realizes that things are not like his father said.


 In the end they decide to go to the bedroom to look for the father and when they arrive, the soldiers take them to the struggles along with a group of Jews and ask them to deviate, they put them a camera and throw poison. At the same time that this happened, Bruno’s parents were already looking for him within the concentration camp and finally realize what happened.  

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