Brotherhoods Between Peruvian And Chinese Cities

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Brotherhoods between Peruvian and Chinese cities


Until a while ago, China pondered its relations with the countries of Asia Pacific, however, in recent decades, it began to grant a priority place to its relationship with the Latin American region. This relationship has developed rapidly in recent years, since both parties have sought to expand their contacts and exchanges through increasingly multidimensional, comprehensive and broad cooperation and coordination.

China, on the other hand, and in order to show this great interest, published two versions of the White Book on China’s politics to Latin America, in 2008 and 2016. These documents define the areas of interest that will guide Chinese policies in Latin America, as well as reflect some of the characteristics of this region according to Chinese vision.


Considering that globalization is the main force that explains the internationalization of cities in the world, in the case of China, since the reform of Den Xiaoping in 1978, a double process of decentralization and internationalization has been carried out, resulting as a consequencemainly the opening of the big Chinese cities to the world, making them actors of the international scene.

Chen Zhimin states that, as of 1978, since the beginning of internal economic reforms, and the subsequent opening to the world, the path is opened to the provinces, especially coastal ones to adopt a more visible role in international affairs in thatThe same line, states that in the current era, the central government has discovered the usefulness of involving provincial governments in the implementation of Chinese foreign policy.

For Araya, following the line of Chen Zhimin and multilevel diplomacy, China’s foreign policy to Latin America and the Caribbean, is at 3 levels: first, a level of block dialogue, directed towards the Chinese Forum-Celac. Second, a level of Meso dialogue, that is, between states, and, finally, with respect to micro dialogue, between sub-national governments.

In the first White Book on China’s politics to Latin America and the Caribbean published in 2008, the Chinese government referred directly to cooperation between local governments through the establishment of twinning relations between the provinces, states and cities of both parties. Later, in 2016 through the second book, the development of relations between local governments of China and the Latin American countries is expressed as a political decision of the Chinese government.

A twinning agreement is a cooperation agreement used between sub-national governments in order to promote contact and cultural ties among citizens. The objectives of a twinning range from joint work in diverse projects to deepening cultural links between both societies. It is worth mentioning that a twinning usually means the institutionalization of a very stable relationship between two cities, which is generalized to all functional areas, without concrete mention to one of them.

China has established itself as the main commercial partner of Peru, its relationships continue to develop and strengthen through dialogue mechanisms, the signing of numerous agreements and the exchange of high -level visits. China and Peru have twinning agreements among its cities, even the city of Lima signed an agreement of that nature with the city of Shanghai in July 2018. This great city, for example, has built a strategy through which it is related to cities that have certain characteristics of port centers.

Thus, it is helpful to carry out a twinning with the city of Lima, which in the words of an official medium of the Chinese government this twinning will consolidate and develop friendly cooperation between both cities, strengthen cooperation between the peoples of China and Peru, Peru,Within the fields of planning, construction, urban administration, economy and commerce, science and technology, education and sports, in order to improve the quality of life and common prosperity. 


As a sample of fraternity, the Chinese city donated cars and a van van for the use of the municipality, also delivered six comprehensive scholarships so that schoolchildren from public schools in Lima and its tutors, are invited to participate in the next summer camp tobe carried out in that megaciudad, where students from all over the world will participate.

Another case to highlight is that of the city of Chimbote. In April of this year, Mayor Roberto Briceño and his delegation traveled to China to sign a twinning agreement with the city of Zhangzhóu, located in the province of Fujián. Through this twinning, it seeks to consolidate important projects in favor of the improvement of Chimbote infrastructure, as well as aims to achieve cooperation in education so that, as a prize to their high academic level, Chimbotanos students are allowedcarry out your studies in the Asian country.

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