British Cat: Origin, Care, Curiosities

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British cat: origin, care, curiosities

The British cat is one of the most affectionate and quiet feline races that can be found. He is a faithful companion who can find yourself in any corner of the home, enjoy that he is affected and his level of hyperactivity is moderate.

British cat origin

The British short -haired cat originated in the nineteenth century being one of the oldest races in that country.In the Victorian era when the exhibition of cats achieved a great boom, people sought ways to create new cat races, were the first cats that were exhibited with Pedigrí.

The Feline fairs gave the impulse necessary for the race to become the favorite of the time, was so much the rage that caused the race that Harrison Weir founded the cat Fancy that was in charge of raising the British cat in pure breed.


It is a strong breed cat, with an outstanding and round size for its fur. Many consider it as a teddy bear for the shape of their body, its playful and affectionate shape make it the ideal feline.


His head is round and wide, his snout is very well formed, the well -defined contours slightly rounded. Your nose combines perfectly because it is small and a little snapped.


Over the years, specimens of different colors have been developed being the best known ones black, white, blue, red, chocolate and lilac.

Eye color

Usually the eyes of British cats are according to the color of their fur, the most common color is orange copper. However, there are also some specimens that can have bluish and green eyes.


His fur presents several color tones, the most common in this type of cats is bluish gray, another of the most common is the smoked white.


An unbalanced diet can lead to obesity, the normal weight of a cat of this breed is between 7 and 17 pounds.


He loves family heat and enjoys the human company, this quality makes it an excellent partner for the family, like to follow his master where he goes inside the home and if he sees you resting he will remain seated nearby.

Despite being a large size, he is not fond of staying in his arms, when they reach the stage of maturity they remain in the couch on the couch. In its first months of life it is a very energetic animal goes from one place to another to playing with what it finds, but when you reach a year of life its behavior caleks being calmer.


Unless they feel in a completely threatening situation, these types of cats are friendly and can very rarely be destructive. When there are guests you can welcome with great joy and full of trust.

Environment and relationship with their owners

It adapts very well to all kinds of environments, in the adult stage they remain constantly in high places where they can rest quietly. He likes open spaces however to be calm they look for the small spaces where they can rest away from any type of distraction or noise.

British cat care

  • His short and smooth fur do not need too care, the British cat only needs a weekly brushing, it is rarely necessary to bathe it.
  • It is recommended to do a daily dental cleaning.
  • Every week you must cut off the nails to avoid accidents.
  • With a sponge moistened in cider vinegar and warm water, the ears can be cleaned weekly.
  • The sand box must remain clean, if it is within your possibilities, do a cleaning 2 times a month.


British cat curiosities

Did you know that because of World War II the race was about to disappear? Yes, the British cats almost became extinct, but in 1970 they managed to revitalize the race. They can live between 12 to 17 years. The breed was recognized by the American Cat Association in 1967. The Cat Fanciers Association accepted until 1980. 

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