Brief Summary And Opinion On The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Brief summary and opinion on the strange case of DR JEKYLL and MR HYDE

It all starts when Mr. Utterson listens while his friend Enfield tells a frightful assault story . In which this history describes a sinister man who assaul. Since they cannot approve these gossip, they prefer not to talk about this matter. And also one of the close friends of Utterson and Dr. Jekyll had written a testament giving all his properties to SR.Hyde . Then Mr. Utterson addresses with Dr. Jekyll and asks him to explain the situation well since he did not know very well about the subject.

Then Dr. Jekyll had given him too much power to his evil side and Hyde was a very different part of Jekyll’s character.. One night contemplating Hyde’s actions, Jekyll was spontaneously transformed into the . Because his identity was a secret for all the members of the house, he realized that he could not walk the laboratory to recover the ingredients of this potion that made him become the other time. And therefore I send a letter very quickly to Dr. Lanyon.

After successfully becoming Dr. Jekyll every time he fell asleep he became MR again. Hyde. Then their potions stopped working and stayed without their necessary dose .And when Pool and Utterson finally interrupt in the Hyde room commit suicide, thus releasing, Jekyll and Hyde.

Historical and geographical context

This novel is based on the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century . Written by Robert L . Stevenson and was first published in English of 1886, in these years it happened that Charles Hall discovers the system to obtain aluminum, Coca- Cola, Rafael Nuñez, promulgates a new Constitution etc.. This book is presented in a cold, dark and foggy environment in the city of London.

I had read other books very similar to this, but this seemed too interesting and intriguing since new tests are being triggered to get this mysterious character and find that identity that did not know her or her own family.

In my personal opinion it is a very good book that represents the duality of the human being (good and evil) and presents a plot of mystery very entertaining from beginning to end, where each event can be given to something much deeper.

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