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The work Medea is a written work whose writer was Mr. Euripides where Nation in 484.c in lamina, city near Athens, in which he was a classic author who approached the follow.c.. The work Medea is a theatrical tragedy as well as the work was written in time between wars that calls himself the Peloponnese war. Where the main actress alters her role as a woman. This work was characterized with a title that would be a female name, as well as the Medea work was linked to classical literature, I also learned that at that time the residents of Athens believed more in the gods such as Odyssey, Zeus, etc.

The work Medea begins with one of the characters of the drama that is the nurse and continuing with the drama that would be the pedagogue and later the main character that would be Medea who suffers a perfidy by the character Jason, therefore in the scene Medea entersWith cries because Jason had married the daughter of the King of Corinth, for which Jason leaves her (Medea) and her two children, therefore, I realized what Medea was convinced by Jason to go on a trip to Corinth. Having arrived at Corinth Jason and a half, Jason receives as wife the daughter of King Creon (king of Corinth) so they prepared a glause for the wedding when. When Jason and Medea had already married Creon King of Corinth was going to banish a half of their lands, but I supplicated to stay one more day (but Medea’s true purpose was to fulfill one of his evil plans) Once he had achieved his purposeSend Glause as a reward and other gifts to achieve the purpose I had in mind, I also send a dress and a gold crown to the kingdom of Corinth. 

Then when the daughter put on the dress that she gave her suddenly dies there. Then after Medea fulfills her purpose, she kills her own children later she escapes from Corinth and then getting to meet and marry Aegean son of Pandión and therefore I think that Medea did all that as a revenge for Jason’s deception. 

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