Branding Through A Specialized Book

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Branding through a specialized book

"The essential book in the knowledge of the methodology of the brand development process". Indeed, in addition to explaining the importance that the brand concept (Brand) has acquired, the book, through numerous examples, shows the different concepts to be known ”. Brand power is established in the media this gives it status, how to interact consumers and satisfy them to reach the brand with love and stay in their memory, although a brand is always forgotten for others will have in his heart. How communication can create a brand together with other cities or countries for greater contribution.

This strategic process ends with the creation of urban communication through elements such as slogans and logos. The general evolution of the emphasis on key urban aspects is studied, from infrastructure and industrial aspects to values ​​and creativity.

It is very important to have partners in each country, since it allows to enable the product with more possibilities of the market to be more recognized, because the style and even the colors have to be shocking, also based on the rules of each exported country. Galvéz Pacheco and Jirón (2015) will allow to create and manage an optimal brand, managing to position it. This indicates that sometimes the competition generated by another company can be copied with different or equal color to the same letters, so it has to be positioned in a high and recognized status so that any plagiarism is demanded, allow to create new innovative and creative products,.Branding many strategies and concepts of graphic identity design are used (Durán, 2011).Since sometimes as for example today there is not so much connectivity between the issuer and receiver since this society is very dedicated to technology, therefore companies have to have a connectivity of values, beneficial and above all respect, talk abouttheir characters towards consumers towards innovation. 

Important keys to the growth of the company and meet all customer needs. Galvéz Pacheco and Jirón (2015) Identify the characteristics and elements that make up a brand, the different types of existing brands. What it refers to is that we also have to be attentive to the competition we innovate more than them, but with the characteristics we have obtained and elements already given by our status. The diversity of branding publications in recent years has relevant the primacy of the consumer.

In my opinion they are very right since in these times there are a lot of advances in technology, the consumer goes to the newest and innovative something as if they had seen it before, so the branding must make the brand associate with it with itOptimal way both well and for us and for them   

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