Border Control Of Migrants: Welfare Of A Country

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Border control of migrants: welfare of a country

Regarding migration crises, in my opinion I consider that constitutional rights are really important in the face of migration and is very directly related to their problems in general, because in many cases the groups of people who emigrate present several problemsSocial and although many migrate in search of a better quality of life, many others migrate for forced displacements and seeking a political asylum, trying to seek decent conditions and that life prevail. 

Being on many occasions with people who reject and discriminate against them by the simple fact of being of a different nationality and/or having different social level. Since migrants lose a series of rights that they have in their countries how are the right to education the right to health among others due to discriminatory practices and xenophobia of which they are harmed. Institutions such as Mercosur, Unasur and the IOM have fought for countries to welcome migrants provide guarantees and benefits that supply the basic needs of every human being. As they are: the right to nationality Right to freedom of transit right to legal certainty and due process to consular assistance the right to non -discrimination right to request asylum right to request recognition of the refugee status. 

But unfortunately in shelter countries, these benefits cannot be provided since due to corruption and administrative management of resources, refugees are minimal and if they are provided by residents of origin of these countries protesting since their conditionseconomic and social are sometimes very worse than those of those who emigrate. 

This is why I believe that in our country the entry of migrants should be analyzed more cautiously as is the case of Venezuelans since our socio -economic conditions are not to support so many migrants and provide them with a decent life with rights such as work health and aDigna house where to live if the government currently does not assure these rights to Colombians and this is demonstrated by the poverty figures of our country and with migrants inside these indices are increased together with those of the right insecurity and the basic ones such as health such as health such as healththat become much more precarious.

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