Book “The Farm Rebellion” Written By George Orwell

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Book "The Farm Rebellion" written by George Orwell

 In the book "The Rebellion of the Farm", written by George Orwell in the year of 1945 where the title of this is relatively literal with respect to what happens during the history of the book, in which a story about a farm is told about a farmwhich is called "Farja Manor", conveniently where the rebellion takes place, in which certain events occur, a strong allusion to the events that have passed in the Russian Revolution and the socialist government of the politician Stalin.

The writing has as its main theme the abuse of power, where, initially the animals of the farm want to live more dignity and without being under the orders of the human, so they decide to rebel against it, after that, it begins a decent lifeUntil the abuse of power returns, but this time from the pigs and I consider that it is a great example to indicate to those people who abuse power in Mexico, like those pigs that betrayed the other animals.

Why Mexico?, Well, I think that all Mexicans are aware, that, over the years, Mexico has suffered great abuses of power and corruption, forming this part of an unpleasant and repulsive act. Therefore, I consider that it is a good idea to compare the abuse of power that is recounted in the novel of "The Rebellion of La Granja" and the abuse of power found in Mexico.

Abuse of power, its same denomination indicates its meaning, the representations of authority and governments that Mexico has had are just some cases where the abuse of power has been carried out, I consider that the fact of taking advantage of your position of authority is an illegitimate act. The impunity that the political and ruling class has causes them to believe that it has the absolute power to do what they want, as the pigs did in the novel.

I think it is essential to indicate that we have been governed by people who have abused power, who have taken advantage of the credulity of people, so that they used this conveniently in their favor. And it is, therefore, an almost identical fact to an event that has elapsed in the fable, where Napoleon deceives the other animals by telling them that Boxer had died in peace, when he is really sold by Wiski to a glue factory.

The most recent presidential government began in 2018 and must be concluded in 2024, of which there is a great expectation of convenient changes for all because some of these of these have already been seen. Let this be a comparison with the fable, where the rebellion begins with a utopian idea, of equality between animals, rules, etc. And they last living under these principles for a while.

Another notorious example with respect to the abuse of power, turns out, just where there should not be at allIn recent years, cases have been observed where they perform unfavorable acts that threaten people’s physical and moral health, considering or giving, for acts of abuse of power.

From my point of view, I observe that an incredible similarity between Mexico and "the rebellion of the farm", turns out between the current president of Mexico and the Old Manor, due to their ideals, which are respectively: that all Mexicans livedignity, with ideals of a better Mexico and the old manor with the idea of a world where animals lived dignity.

It can be said that all those political authorities have the possibility, that, being during their stay in a certain political position, they have a desire for power, ambition and then begin to corrupt themselves, therefore, the abuse of power is generated, tyranny, ideas of a regime, corruption, in this case referring to Napoleon who, when being in the mandate, decided to generate a tyrant regime and government.

As previously pointed out, hypothetically, if you are in a position with authority and power, you will wish more and more, therefore, you will delight you using that power to generate even more of this, as Napoleon did, when he diedOld Manor and wanting to kill snowball when he tried to convince animals to make the mill. Napoleon uses their power to use dogs as their personal guards and be able to create a regime.

During the time in which Snowball remains as the leader, all animals live in an adequate way, with rules and obligations, although there are some pigs that did not obey and did not comply with the orders, because when all the animals were fed, they appropriated themThe food of others, so I consider that it can be compared between the straight and honest work of people with the acts of corruption and money laundering of some politicians and expolitics.

The farm rebellion represents the beginnings of a utopian life and its tyrant end, with a corrupt mandate and with social classifications, thus ending in a dystopic way. Where, after having reached the beginning of their initial expectations of freedom, they arrive at unpleasant times for most citizens, where the remaining live at the expense of the efforts of others. In this case, referring to the corruption and abuse of power of politicians.

In this way I can conclude, indicating that, despite being a society with principles and values, if there are thoughts of ambition and power, even the most legitimate society, it ends up being unfair, then, starting being legitimate, does not guaranteeAn equal outcome, due to the fact that they are not always willing to comply with the rules, due to their needs and conveniences. As indicated at the end of reading with a certain phrase. 

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