Book Teachings Under The Same Star

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Book teachings under the same star

The narration, the phrases, the characters, and the communication of the feelings is very good. Would you read it again?: Definitely, again and again, and I know that I would certainly not tire.I recommend?: Yes, you have to read it, yes, as I said, you laugh, laugh and feel thousands of things; It depends on whether you like to remove feelings.Why have I read it?: I have seen the movie, but I wanted to try to read this novel, since sometimes the movie does not completely show the entire content of the books, for that reason I also read the book.

Under the same star, he is about Hazel and Gus two young people who know each other during a group therapy, and then they feel attraction to each other, after presenting they begin to go together and begin to know the desires and desires of the other, in a sway between laughter, sadness, life and death; They fill us with emotions besides that we can say that they give us many teachings and life lessons.

To honor the writer, and affirm that people who have cancer are not their illness, I will not indicate that the main characters suffer since I do not take the task of thoroughly investigating the subject and I will not pigeon in brave, with courage, each character. I think the courage is when someone chooses to live something, we do not choose cancer unless we smoke a cigar and it is not brave.

I will say that Hazel is a 16 -year -old girl, loved by her parents, in love with reading, and obsessed with the end of a book, Gus is the young man who falls in love with Hazel, lives her life with black humor, she loves metaphors and is incredible in expressing their phrases. Isaac is Gus’s best friend, he believes in true love and certainly lives in love to the fullest.

Let’s start to mention what this novel does not include: this novel is not or is about a story like anyone in which in the end everything will be fine, that you can wake up and everything will change, that everything has a solution or that the miracles that heal you without plus. Now let’s continue with what it is: it is a story where it implies or evidence that every day we spend it can be the last, even if you have cancer as if not, it projects you to smile as if it were the last smile, to face bad situations and keep breathing because in the end what we are is what we do, although inside we may carry the most infamous pain. The miracle is that in the midst of all that, all how bad you have is also part of you and learn to live with it in order to improve and learn from it.

There are different types of books that strive that they leave you anything with which to project you, there are others that certainly change you so much for history and what can leave you as teaching, so I want to do is criticism differently, asking me the question What did I learn having read this book?: 

I learned that pain in the end is also part of us, we learn to live with it and move on despite how hard it can become for us. We love, laugh, cry and live, if we live because that is why we are finally here. The strength comes from those moments full of life that make you love someone either because it is part of your life for a long time or because at some point that person did something that marked your life in some beautiful or beautiful way, in addition to those or other reason also make you fight and sometimes want even a few more minutes to look in the eye, talk to him with a smile or even better to add a I love you towards the person you appreciate, all that and more can be found inside This book which I recommend again to read.

I learned that feeling sorry for a person who has cancer as it cannot be is the worst enemy, if so, the disease is not as such, but the departure of people, feeling different when you really want to fit again as anyone does also to be able to live as one of them. When reading this book I understood that no one will be prepared for death or to awaken and understand that we will all die since as most people who have someone very appreciated with them or who cannot enjoy health as Some other person would like to be able to be always or at least a little more time with them, but we can be prepared to get up day by day and live it to the fullest with or without illness, because the maximum will always be the measure that you impose yourself or that your body poses because we are the only ones that we can set limits and if what we want is to continue enjoying life we ​​can do the strength is with or without any disease as can be seen in this book.

In a word, this book, in my humble opinion it is a genius to abbreviate how wonderful it is, made me laugh, remember the moment in which for the first time I feel more than a friendship for someone, which only comes from the day you think you will lose it and finally I almost manages to cry even though I am very hard with that kind of issues, and also remind me of that human part that we sometimes forget and leave behind. I know that many will see the movie since there are also, some will say that it is great, I have not seen it yet and I think it, but the feeling that causes the reading of this book, believe me is unique and unforgettable. 

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