Book Summary The Alchemist

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Book Summary The Alchemist

In his first part, this book tells us about Santiago, someone very close to his sheep because he thought he had a connection with them, he already knew that Ovejas woke up at the same time as him, that Ovejas were more sleepy than the others and things like this. Why mention this part? Because they play a slightly important role in the decisions that Santiago makes, the sheep to which he had 2 years of being grazing them.

Santiago was a Spanish pastor, one afternoon when he darkened to his sheep to an abandoned church to spend the night there, he took out a jacket to take shelter and a book which changed every time he could for one more than outside agreater fun and also a better pillow. The boy had been in a seminar before because his father wanted him to be a priest until on one occasion he decided that he wanted to travel and meet women and nothing better than being a pastor to fulfill his desire, he knew his sheep very well and they were theReason for their existence, lived according to her friends and also to feed them and drink and take care of those of predatory animals despite being a pastor, she was a person with great intelligence knew how to read and was interested in the stories, she decided to passThere the night while he slept he had the dream he had had a week before and woke up before reaching the end.

He was responsible for waking his sheep concerned with a pending issue he had to go to the city of Tangier where a fabric merchant who had a beautiful daughter who managed to capture all his attention, when he arrived in the city he entered the store and theMerchant asked him to wait, he did so sat on the paveHe touched his turn and at the end of transfer to his sheep he received his pay and left. A year passed and the boy had to return to that city thought that the merchant’s daughter had already forgotten. Also that in that city there was an old woman who knew how to interpret dreams and had had a repeated one that night so she decided to go to that woman. When the old woman arrived, he had to pass and sitting his hands, the boy felt fear since he was a gypsy and he feared the gypsies, told the old woman his dream, said he had dreamed that he was sitting in the grass with his sheep whenA creature appeared and began to play with them the creature continued playing with their sheep and after a while he took it from his hands and transported him to the pyramids of Egypt when the creature arrived he told him that if he was traveling there he would find a hidden treasureAnd when I was going to show him the exact place of the treasure he woke up. When the old woman ended she would not charge anything, but she wanted a tenth of the treasure if she found her and her interpretation of the dream was the next, you must go to the pyramids of Egypt there you will find a treasure that will make you rich.

Santiago is very annoying and decides that he will not believe in dreams, he did not have to waste his time with a mad gypsy with a bad, lousy interpretation and the next day he is in the town reading and trying to forget that he had aI dream when an old man begins to speak to Santiago the tries to ignore him, but the man insists and does not finally give himself the man tells him that if he gives him a tenth of his sheep he will tell him where he can find the hidden treasure,Santiago is clearly surprised because he had not commented with nothing related to a treasure, the man tells Santiago that he has managed to discover his personal legend and that he must choose if he is brave enough to achieve it, the man tells himSantiago to follow his personal legend until he achieves it is the only true obligation of a person in this world.

Santiago has a difficult decision to renounce his flock, his stable life, his sheep or leave in search of his treasure, to go in search of something that has no insurance, it seems to be something crazy but a part of Santiago wants to go in thisadventure and another part of him wants to continue with his pastor’s life. In the end Santiago takes the greatest risk of his life and decides to do it, he gives a tenth of his sheep to man and sells the rest.  

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