Book Essay Sigros Del Bosque

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Book essay Sigros del Bosque

Something strange happens in the forest, at night you can hear songs and in the distance see the light of great bonfires, the travelers who must cross it, only do it during the day, for fear of the strange shadows that among their trees are trees, few are few areThose who have ventured to enter each other after sunset and even less those who have managed to leave.

Some campers that have admitted to their depths, have found stone circles with extinct bonfires in the middle, remains of stacked animals, with signs of having been devoured by some type of beast and strangers stissed on the walls of the mountains, nobodyHe has dared to go beyond where the river goes into the mountains, it is said that strange and deformed shadows are projected on their walls, horrible noise and drearly dumbly lumbers are heard in the surroundings.

Henry knew the dangers of entering the forest, but last night a bear had looted his pantry and was already close to starting winter, so he hadlost. He went out at dawn by the margin of the river in search of the deer who approach to drink. He came to where the river went into the mountains and stopped after some rocks to wait, the sun was directly on his head, the river ran peacefully almost silent, the only thing he managed to hear was a slight bumpy blowing between the trees.

He was attentive to the movements of the shrub. Already the shadows of the mountains began to lengthen on the trees when a large male deer approached the river, about fifteen meters from where he was. He hastened to prepare his rifle as soon as he could, carefully point to the space between the shoulder and the ribs where the heart was, squeezed the trigger and the bullet penetrated the side of the animal just where he had arranged, the huge deer walked some some someA few steps towards the river, apparently dumbfound, then their front legs arched and fell with their snout over the mud, while their hind legs were kept upright and pushed forward, rubbing their plexus and face in the mud, until finally endedcollapsing with its rear legs extended backwards.

Everything happened within a deafening and disturbing silence, the animal did not emit any sound, nor a snort, nor seemed to have made any noise when its heavy body hit the mud. Henry hastened where the animal had fallen, to drag it as soon as possible outside the mountains, tied it to thick branches that he picked up, as a stretcher and began to drag him back to the cabin, he had not traveled fiftymeters when one of the branches broke and the body of the animal leaned towards a side making him lose his balance, Henry fell on a rock to the edge of the river hitting his head and being unconscious.

He woke up in the middle of the night, his face was sticky and had an intense headache, the right side of his face was numb and felt an object in his mouth blocking his tongue, felt the inside of his mouth with a finger and perceived somethingembedded from one place to another, when playing her cheek she could feel what looked like a piece of wood that had gone through her and nailed to her tongue and at the same time some teeth tired, when she tried to get up she felt an intense pain in her ankle, as she couldHe turned on himself and put cats, the Dead Dead was by his side, he lay on him, and then turned and sitting down his back from the body, he stretched his arms to feel his foot, he could feel it turned aroundbackwards, sustained only by the calf muscle.

How would I get out of there now?, He thought, obviously taking the animal was discarded, the important thing was to get away as soon as possible from that place;It was then that a shadow moved quickly down his side, Henry looked for his rifle, but he had fallen away from him, when he tried to stretch to take it, someone or something took it by the shoulders and before he could do something, I go his faceCovered by what he meant was a fabric bag, he could not speak only managed to emit some whores as he felt that they squeezed and lifted him from the mud, tried to struggle but whatever he was that he was holding him exerted much more strength, than the one that he did to himHe had left.

He was lifted and loaded with his body in the air, while holding him by the shoulders and legs, he was like this for him were about twenty minutes, during which he never stopped moving. As much as he tried to resist as he complained and snorted, he did not perceive a noise of whatever he was carrying him.

They dropped it heavily on the floor, his head and back hit violently on what seemed to be grass, then he felt intense heat to his consisting and between the ball fibers could see the glow of a flame, I try to join, but it wasagain pushed backs against grass.

Rare voices began to whim. Suddenly they pulled the bag that covered their face, could see several human silhouettes that rocked from one place to another to the rhythm of the horrible song.

He felt that he was taken from his shoulders and a strange force lifted him vertically, to the point where his feet did not touch the ground, in front of him he could see a horrible silhouette that covered everything, a amorphous being looked at him with a cat eyeBright amber color, long and disgusting purulent appendices, extended from their body report, Henry was completely paralyzed, but it wasn’t for fear, simply his body was off, he couldn’t feel anything from his neck down, only his eyes and brainThey seemed to be awake, witnessing that horror.

Henry became one of those who did not get out of that dark forest again, never knew more about him, his wife and children left the cabin and went to live to another county, fleeing from a winter that could not endure alone, his cabin never was occupied again and even today his ruins remain on the outskirts of the forest in the river of the river.

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