Book Analysis: Once Upon A Time… Chiefs, Chiefs And Jefecillos

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Book analysis: Once upon a time… Chiefs, Chiefs and Jefecillos


In this book we can find in a simple way and according to the author’s experience in how a company should be directed. During the reading the differences between what the bosses are, the chiefs and jefecillos are established, explaining what type of person is each and the roll that each fulfills in a company. It is interesting to see how these terms apply for each person specifically so that we can identify these characters in our daily environment and life in the same way that the author recounts in his book.


According to the author’s definitions, a boss is one who is responsible, equitable, without any interest in a particular person and is also aware of the movements made by each within the company and their work area;A boss is the boss who takes the initiative in everything, is aware of his employees both in the workplace and in the family, commits himself to his employees, is loyal, responsible and without fear of making decisions. You could say that a boss is an outgoing boss.

On the other hand there are the chiefs who are not practically, but they want to be in everything. The jefecillos believe they have the qualities and skills to direct a group of people however it does not have any of them and much less has a technical preparation for it. We can find them within the same employees who would like to be bosses or believe it, but that all they do is take glory for them and blame problems for others.

To define them more easily, a chief is anyone with a boss ego and it is not.

In my reading experience I could notice how the author not only tells the book from his only point of view, but also with his mother’s help he could transcribe and make sense of the message he wanted to transmit through his lyrics. In addition to that it also lets us know the attitude that we must have in certain situations that can occur.

I am very close that the author tells his book to graduate and start working in his area told him that he would be “boss” and that he was in fact his own boss, his employee and his secretary at the same time. From there we can show that it is about their own experiences and that the purpose of the book is that we change our way of thinking to be better people, better employees and better bosses to guarantee a good development of society and the company in thethat we can be bosses or employees.


Giving final recommendations in my analysis would be more or rather it would be just a copy and sticks from the same final recommendations that the author gives us in his book. In fact that is the best and the most important part to be able to understand and carry out the values that are transmitted throughout the book reading.

I hope in God that if one day I become a boss to be able to carry out each of the author’s recommendations and be able to share this reading with the people around me and come to work together with me with the same purpose and feel.

Free Book Analysis: Once Upon A Time… Chiefs, Chiefs And Jefecillos Essay Sample

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