Blockchain, System That Breaks Barriers

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Blockchain, system that breaks barriers

Before explaining the blockchain methodology, I will present the reason that the creation of this format that has exponentially revolutionized the different types of transactions, databases, among other digital aspects. Prior to the creation of this system, the most common way was centralized economy, it is based on the use of intermediaries to carry out any monetary or data information movement.

In addition to this system, having the peculiarity of always having mediators or intermediaries, is more tedious because all the information comes from a common nucleus, which is only editable from itself. This model is still used in much of the commercial sectors, despite Blockchain technology, it has been able to make way and this will revolutionize the way to link information digitally.

Blockchain is a system that is based on the set of information and data blocks, which guarantee the stability of the data, for this being an interconnected network (P2P). Its operation takes origin in not containing all the information in a nucleus, but the different computers that have access can edit and save information, reaching the reach of other users when verified by the system itself, without the need for an intermediary. Here the different flows of digital events can be recorded, being embodied any type of movement that is made on the network.

The Blockchain system consists of different parts: Data, which have been the different topics of similar information found in the network. The hash, which has the predecessor and predecessor codes of the different blocks, thus managenecessary. This system can be public, hybrid or private.

In the case of the public, all users can participate, there is no private administrator, use the HASH system, all participants have it, among other aspects. The hybrid has many variables in its configuration since it goes according to those who have access to the network. And finally the private has a single administrator, not anyone can participate, there are users with more rights than others.

The future of the blockchain is quite compromising, since these technological systems are not penetrable, this being a transformation for the security practices currently used, being able to enter sectors such as: the electronic vote, which can be carried out by this platformBecause there will be no possible modification of the circumscribed data, direct sales can also be made without knowing the seller user, or not needing a mediator to make any transfer. So this block system has many varied areas for which to be highly used, thus achieving a much more technological and simple reality for Internet users.

However, Blockchain currently covers a large range of areas, due to the need for interconnection security of mostly macro -business information, thus avoiding the loss of important data but while maintaining confidentiality at the same time.

For this reason, over the years, adaptations of this technology have been developed, in the sectors they request from it to carry greater ease and safety in their processes. Some of the commercial applications they use are:

  • Identities Management: This process accommodates users to create use -proof identities without prior authorization, this seeks to eliminate keys and users, creating a private credential to use applications . An example of this methodology is Keybase, this system maintains people’s identities in a hidden and private way for other users in an interconnected digital environment.
  • Automatic Contract Execution: In this, legal documents may have all their bases linked to the blockchain system, ensuring compliance with all its measures, reducing the percentages of the costs and effating the period of time invariably.
  • Record recording: It is based on annulling the modification of documents and detracting the high prices to be paid for their safety, monitoring through decentralized network prohibiting the manipulation of the document. An example of this system is the Keeper record, seeking to ensure the information provided by customers through private blocks.
  • Shipping facilitation: This seeks to simplify any type of transaction or remittances for these being carried out directly without the need for mediators, almost achieving the immediacy of the process. An example of this model is Ripple.
  • Payment of payrolls to employees: This new method seeks to pay the workers of a company or business, through digital currency, thus seeking to reduce the costs of these payments for the absence of intermediaries that discourage percentages of the transaction carried out,This is mainly used in employees that work from another nation, but that provide certain types of service to a company digital. An example of this is Bitwage, which is handled by payments with the Bitcoin currency.


After evaluating all this, Blockchain is a system that breaks and will continue to remove barriers in the digital media, for the many aspects that it has achieved and can efficient over the years, shortening its processes but above all ensuring the information of its users. This long term can achieve processes such as: Ensure that a person when buying a phone through the execution of contracts and seeking to exceed the parameters scheduled by the selling brand, can lose the right over the mobile on credit being this blocked and offuntil being returned to the company with which it was acquired. Blockchain is a door that has not yet been fully exploited and that has the confidence of the consumers of this, being the core of trends that can be evaluated and created to ensure the security of both the facilitator or supplier and the client.

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