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Birth control today


It is evident that a worrying issue today is the demographic aging that the European Union is suffering. While life expectancy only increases and therefore descends mortality, birth rate has drastically descends for quite some time. Currently the percentage of people over 65 is 20%, but it is expected that it will continue to increase by 2060 to 30% of the population.

Given this reality, the European authorities have developed numerous projects aimed at combating the consequences derived from the aging of society. First of all, the Pact for the demographic change was founded on December 7, 2015 as an international organization whose main objective is to promote active and healthy aging. 


The states, regions, municipalities and other associations both for profit and without him may belong to this pact. In September 2011, the WHO The International Federation on Aging and AGING Well Network met in Dublin in order to create a statement that supported the creation of friendly cities with age, resulting in Dublin’s statement on cities and communities adapted toolder people in Europe.

The aging problem must be addressed from several approaches. To start it is necessary to take measures to encourage birth in the EU. One of the causes for birth is very low, is the lack of economic stability that makes doubt whether to build a family leading women to have their first child at an increasing age.

 Since being young the work prove to be more precarious and less paid. Counting with economic aid it would be easier for families to take the step to have children. This aid can consist well in a child fixed by son that families received, or in aid for the payment of nurseries and school supplies.


Another of the reasons why birth has descended compared to the last century are the rights that women have achieved throughout this. This problem is recent, because before, it was they who were responsible for caring for children. Women’s progress and access to the labor market makes you need more time for their work. Conciliation measures of working and family life are necessary, to prevent anyone from giving up their work for being a father.

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