Birth Care For Health Professionals

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Birth care for health professionals


Childbirth is the process in which the woman expels from the uterine cavity to the outside of the organism the fetus and placenta after pregnancy. This is possible thanks to the dilation of the cervix and the contractions caused. It is usually considered as something painful and unpleasant. Our body is not only able to gestate a new human being, but to be able to expel him in a non -traumatic way.


Many women do not feel respected when giving birth due to lack of attention in hospitals by toilets. On the contrary, many others advocate the right to be able to do it at home;In a quiet and warm atmosphere, without noise, clean and without hospital germs, where the woman feels comfortable, a link between the mother and the baby is established and the possibility of the involvement of the parents in the childbirth is given. Although the decision taken to give birth is at an address, we must have a nearby hospital in case of any complication.

On the one hand, home delivery will respect the mother more and the position to give birth to the fetus will be adequate for it to feel comfortable (in squats, in an vertical, dorsal position), while the childbirthThe posture that the mother will adopt will be the one that the doctor is easier for her job is made at the hospital in the hospital. But on the other hand, we must highlight certain inconveniences such as postpartum bleeding, the absence of contractions, necessary interventions such as caesarean section, episiotomies, an altered pulse, etc.

Greek cities such as Volos and Salónica question the maternity system by both health professionals and mothers. Also, like the United States in the 60s. They argue that birth can be carried out in a private home to prevent the inappropriate expulsion of the placenta, children’s traffic, and false birth certificates. On the other hand, they oppose the medicalization of child.

Michel Odent states that you have to be like the cat, attentive but go unnoticed, since the only protagonist is going to be the mother. We must wait and make the body itself begin to do the work of childbirth. As the passing of the years has emerged the image of the "doula" and has been acquiring great importance. The word ‘doula’ comes from Greek and ‘means woman who accompanies’;that is, the woman takes care of helping the pregnant woman during childbirth and postpartum. 


In order to collaborate and inform, both women and their partner and have to prepare child. In short, it will contribute basic skills and attitudes during childbirth and postpartum. The task of these women is present whether childbirth occurs in a hospital or at home. In the United Kingdom it is the place where this type of women will be made known and begins to appear in certain parts of Europe as in Spain little by little. But in the rest of the countries this image is more associated with the care of the elderly than to care in the work of childbirth ’.

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