Biology Games For Effective Learning

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Biology games for effective learning


The world of science is fascinating, stimulates our meaning and allows us to know the world around us better.  However, awakening this curiosity in children cannot always be simple. To foster this curiosity for science and nature we recommend biology games for children. NAT Geo science games The prestigious National Geographic magazine, known worldwide for its characteristic yellow frame on its covers, has launched a series of games for small lovers of biology. The National Geographic Society was founded in 1988, and although the contents of the magazine were very varied, it was only published in English.


In Spain, we would have to wait until 1997 to enjoy it in Spanish, by the hand of RBA. Since then, Nat Geo has greatly diversified its formats and contents to bring science and history to public of all ages. Green House experiment Set is a small greenhouse that contains both the necessary accessories and seed bags to perform up to 12 different experiments. In addition, it includes an instruction manual to start children in botany and interior agriculture. Royal fossil deposit includes 15 authentic fossils that can be cataloged with the help of the guide that includes the set. 

In addition, if being paleontologist for one day he liked you can complete the collection with geodas and crystals, and discovering a dinosaur fossil. Volcano science contains everything you need to make a volcano, paint it and make it erupt. Like the previous one, it brings a small guide to carry out the experiment and that everything goes perfect. Excavates and discovers the insects is prefect for those who do not like to dig up fossils. Bring a small brick inside whose hidden three insects are hidden. As the previous kits, it includes a learning guide, a magnifying glass and excavation tools.

Biology games for small naturalists Charles Darwin was a famous 19th -century British naturalist scientist. He was worldwide recognized after the publication of his book The origin of the species, in 1859. To him we owe the theory of the evolution of the species, would revolutionize in his time. In it, he affirms that every current way of life descends from a common ancestor and that, by natural selection, it has evolved to current organisms. For those little naturalists of the house I leave you a review of games for beginner biologists. All these games are designed to foster their love for nature and as support for the study of the environment around us.

The kits to explore nature are a classic. They include everything necessary to go from adventures by nature. They are usually composed of: prismatic, fighter butterflies, magnifying glass, compass. Several brands market it and they are very affordable. In addition, it is possible to complete the naturalist’s kit with real samples prepared for your microscope observation. These samples usually include specimens of animals, plants, flowers, insects and butterflies. Similarly, they can learn to prepare their own samples, and of course, so that your experience is complete, a microscope cannot be missing. 

Of course, if children are very young, we will have to help them handle it, but we can find recommended models for use from 4 years of age. Other recommendations for biology games for children, not all biology focuses on the observation of nature. The analysis and research of the human body is also essential. To do this, we can support the study of our body with fun educational games. Learning Resources, for example, puts within our reach different resources for the study of human anatomy. Among them stand out their models of the brain, the heart or the eye. They are 3D models, very realistic, with mobile pieces that can be put and remove.


This allows the study of the functioning of the different organs. We can also find 3D designs made of soft and plant cell foam. These models are very useful for learning cell parts. Children can easily identify the organelles on the internal surface of the models. I hope this compilation of biology games for children is useful and serves to enjoy the nature with a family.

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