Biography Of The Great Steve Jobs

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Biography of The Great Steve Jobs


After working in Atari in 1974, Jobs traveled to India for 7 months to find spiritual lighting. Upon returning to the United States, he adopted many Zen customs such as meditation, walking barefoot and pescetarianism.

Jobs at 23 had a daughter with a painter named Chrisann, Steve denied for many years to be his father’s father Lisa. Steve Jobs’s sister, Mona Simpson, told New York Times that her brother’s brother Steve Steve were: wow, wow, wow as if she had discovered something new before leaving.

Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur and a renowned person from the computer and entertainment industry, being Executive President of Apple and maximum solo shareholder of the Empire The Walt Disney Company. Steve lived in a period of transition between the beginnings of technology and the amazing progressive progress of him that seems to have no end. Steve Jobs shows us through his history that, through constancy, effort and work, incredible things can be achieved, such as raising from nowhere one of the strongest technological businesses currently.


Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. His biological parents were Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, who gave him adoption after his birth. Apparently the reason why they gave Steve for adoption was due to the fact that their biological parents (of Syrian origin) were two university students who were not married, a fact that was missed at that time by society. Later they married and gave birth to Mona Simpson, Steve’s biological minor sister which he knew as an adult.

Joanne (Steve’s biological mother) was looking for a marriage to adopt her son with a certain economic level and with higher studies, but in the end what she found was a middle-low-class couple of the Bay of San Francisco. This couple came to adopt a second daughter which was called Patty in 1958. Despite not complying with the standards that Joanne, Paul and Clara Jobs imposed adopted Steve under the promise they made to their biological mother to give Steve some higher studies.

Paul worked as a machinist, although his hobby was repairing cars. He was a virtuous and very laborious working with his hands, virtue which also developed Steve. Clara was accounting, and her name was Hagopian (of Armenian origin). When his adopted parents died were the only ones that Steve recognized as parents, denying the reality of his parents, because he had a very bad relationship with his biological parents.

During his youth, Steve formed in two of Cupertino’s schools in California. This city later would become synonymous with Apple.

Steve used to attend some conferences in Palo Alto after classes. Later, he would start working in this company which gave this type of conferences that Steve attended and there he met his future partner: Steve Wozniak.

Years later, when Steve graduated from the Higher School, he had a time when he only attended the classes which interested him and went to these classes for the interest to learning. He assured that it was the happiest stage of his life, thus being ironic this statement because he came once a week to a social dining room to have a decent meal, also collected bottles of bottles and then sell them and be able to have a Decent food. He lived during this stage in the room of some friends. During this period of time he discovers in one of those classes calligraphy. This would be one of the innovative aesthetic bets that would put on the Apple table later.

Later, he returned to his hometown and began to meet with Wozniak in certain meetings of a computer club. During this stage Steve also accepts a job as computer technician from the ATARI video game company. The reason why he accepted this work is curious, since he accepted this job offer with that company to save money in order to make a spiritual retirement. In this sensory trip that Steve experienced we only know that he became Buddhism and that he experienced with other things.

In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne create Apple in a garage. Later, they get Mike Markkula to finance their first project: Apple I. From the first moment, Steve positioned himself as a very visionary and entrepreneurial leader, a characteristic that would pay him later.

On 1983 Steve convinced John Sculley (American businessman who became vice president and president of the Pepsi company) to leave Pepsi-Cola and join the Apple directive. Later, Jobs was expelled from the company he founded, in which he dedicated part of his life in 1985, after a struggle for power for the domain of the company with John Sculley. In that same year he founded the company Next Computer which is responsible for what we know today as personal computers.

With this new proposal, he wanted to make a computer dedicated to university students and professionals, produced a computer with a large amount of RAM and a large industry quality screen and with a highly fast processor.

It was designed as a medium -sized black cube.

There were two versions of the computer:

Next Computer and Next Cube and their software was called Nextstep. His sales were modest, but with this great computer, Tim Berners Lee developed the new Internet network concept.

Once again, Jobs risked and focused on the software, changed the name of the company Next Software One of the most surprising initiatives of the company was the construction of computers with the microprocessors: Intel 486 and Sparc.

A time later Apple bought the company Next and Jobs returned to the company.

He managed to throw Gil Amelio and take control of the company becoming Apple’s CEO, his first decisions were to eliminate Apple Newton and stop granting Mac os licenses to other hardware manufacturers to make Apple a more device exclusive.

One of the most relevant decisions made was the collaboration with Microsoft.

With these decisions they made the company more effective, making the consumer understand that Apple was not a company that brought the product to the market but that it took 2 well done.

  • ITunes

A service that allowed you to organize all your music on your computer and load it on the iPod, another system that revolutionized the way of listening to music

  • IPod

The creation of this jewel of technology allowed the user to carry more than a thousand songs in his pocket and greater autonomy.

  • Mac Mini

Objective designed for companies, served to reduce MAC costs and make competition to Microsoft.

  • IPhone

This device which we do not separate from it or to sleep. This object had a fantastic principle was designed as a minimalist object, a simple object that gives you numerous things. At first it served to hear music, make calls, organize your day to day, so that we understand an improved version of the iPod.

  • IPad

The creation of this wonderful device, an unexpected story, emerged from Jobs’s anger towards a Microsoft engineer. They were having dinner with some friends from his former wife and the engineer boasted about the creation of a tablet that Microsoft had made, pissed off the nonsense’s nonsense and a time later showed the world as it is to make a quality product.

Jobs’s last contribution to leave, he was sure of the death of personal laptops.

The birth of Pixar’s legend in 1986

Pixar is one of the great titans of filmatological companies, which is the most important computer animation company that we currently find.

Let’s know its origins. It was the hardware and computers part of Lucasfilm’s company, which after a disastr The company called Graphics Group, at that time Lucas sells the company and is reborn with the name of Pixar. It is not yet what we know today, Pixar was dedicated to selling high -end computers for graphic design in the movies, one of its great buyers was Disney Studios, which bought these computers to accelerate colorful processes in their 2D films although At the level of a more amateur audience it was not very successful.

To promote and relaunch the product of Pixar, one of the animation employees, John Lasseter demonstrated the power of these computers developing a series of animations in which the company’s symbol stands out, Luxo, the lamp that appears in the Principle of company films. Caused a great revolt in the largest convection of graphic design siggraph. Steve Jobs made a great bet selling the company’s hardware and computers part and focusing on the most creative and innovative part of this, animation.

Steve Jobs signed a Disney contract of 26 million dollars for three animated films. This was put to work and in 1995 Disney approved the distribution of Toy Story’s movie, thanks to the success of the movie Steve Jobs did not have to sell the company.

In the end Steve Jobs after a while saw that selling the company to Disney and associating with them, they would pixar a great legend of animation.

He became the largest solo shareholder of the Disney company, got an armchair in the Administrative Council and John became the creative director of the company.conclusion

If we analyze it from a scientific point of view, we see that he was a creative person and that his computers exceed light years to what we find in other brands, since they only imitate him and they do it wrong.

But at a business level, I think it is even better, he showed us that nothing is impossible, that coal after time can become diamond with creativity, effort and dedication.

The greatest regrets in life are the things you never did (Steve Jobs).

Also, he teaches us to live to the fullest and that if you want something you have to go for it even if they tell you that it is nonsense.

This man simply creates legends at a filmatological, business level or revolutionizes what we know as technology and takes it to light years.


Jobs shows us that life is preparing for your destiny and little by little that destiny is revealed to you. As he said when you look back you are joining points, if I had never left the university and had gone to that course, Apple computers would never have calligraphy and if I had never left Apple and would return to his position and save the company.


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