Biography Of The Dihydrogen Monoxide Molecule In The Universe

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Biography of the dihydrogen monoxide molecule in the universe

Dihydrogen monoxide is the name that is called the water by the chemical nomenclature. This is composed of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom (H2 O). Water is a liquid substance without smell, color or flavor that is found in nature in a more or less pure state forming rivers, lakes and seas, occupies three quarters of planet earth and is an essential part of the survival of living beings. We humans use water very frequently and we see it as a resource that is always present for when it is needed, but how and where it was that it arose? Could it be that this existed in other parts of the universe? To express what was the creation of water we must first find that they are the two elements that compose it and how they join to create water.

Hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table, this is designated with the H symbol and consists of a positive charge unit and a single electron. It is one of the main constituents of water and all organic matter and is widely distributed not only on earth but throughout the universe. Oxygen is a gaseous chemical element called in the periodic table with the symbol or and has an atomic number of 8.

Gas -shaped hydrogen can be combined with gaseous oxygen to form water. If hydrogen is burned in the presence of oxygen, the hydrogen will burn gently on the surface where hydrogen gas has contact with oxygen gas and form a very hot flame. As shown in the next equation, water is only the product of this reaction.

Since it is understood as hydrogen and oxygen, they join to create what we know today as water, we pass in another instance how it was that it arose in the universe. Our universe began approximately 14 billion years ago together with the great explosion of the Big Bang where the universe was composed only of hydrogen and helium. Passing a million years after the first explosion, the first stars began to form thanks to the gravitational contraction, inside these stars the hydrogen was merged to form helium, which later led to both me to merge to create oxygen. Hundreds of thousands’ years after these stars were formed, they exploded by releasing the chemical elements that form the water to space. The first water molecules were formed in regions where gas density is greater than the average space, these are called clouds.


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