Biography Of Stephen Hawking

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Biography of Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, in the city of Oxford, his parents were Isobel Walker who carried out studies of philosophy, politics and economy, and Frank Hawking who was an expert doctor in tropical disease research. He also had two younger sisters, Philippa and Mary, and an adopted brother named Edward. World War II was carried out at that time. 

In 1950 to Stephen turns eight years old, he and his family moved to ST. Albans, Hertfordshire since his father became the head of the National Medical Research Parasitology Division. There in St. Albans, Stephen Hawking went to St. Albans School, where he attended his secondary studies, in which he was not a very bright student. Oxford At that time, Stephen Hawking decided to enroll for natural sciences physical specialty. Hawking’s interest focused mainly on thermodynamics, relativity and quantum mechanics. He also dedicated himself to participating in the rowing team, since he helped him dissipate his boredom towards the university. 


Postgraduate studies at the Trinity Hall of Cambridge, Cosmology, a topic that achieved true interest on the part of Hawking, because this was wondering what was the origin of the universe? Many years later Stephen sees the positive side of the rejection of the astronom. In the year 1963, a short time to have turned 21, a neuromuscular degenerative disorder was diagnosed better known as amiototrophic lateral sclerosis (ELA), after slipping into an ice skating session and presenting difficulties to incorporate. This disease gradually destroys the central nervous system cells in charge of voluntary muscular activity. Which was not true, because the scientist managed to live until 76 years of age. 

Dependent on a wheelchair and an automated voice system to communicate, but this did not influence its intellectual activity in a negative way, on the contrary. After getting his doctorate, Hawking dedicated himself to teaching at Gonville and Caius College. By 1977, Stephen entered the Department of Applied Mathematics and theoretical Physics of Cambridge, there he was designated as a professor of gravitational physics. In 1980 he was assigned the Lucasian Chair of Applied Mathematics and theoretical Physics, which Isaac occupied some Newton centuries before. Chair that continued to occupy until his retirement in 2009. Of its limbs, which did depend on a wheelchair.

In 1985 he contracted a serious pneumonia, which led him to the need to practice a trachectomy, a synthesizer connected to his chair. But none of these limitations led him to surrender, so he continued and came to write books, in articles taught. Stephen Hawkingstephen’s wives fell in love with two women throughout her life, these women were Jane Wilde and Elaine Manson. In 1962, Stephen and Jane Wilde, daughter of Beryl Eagleton and George Wilde, born and flooded in ST. Albans met when they both studied in Oxford, this was a language student and years later made a doctorate in Spanish medieval poetry. 

The girl was invited to the celebration of the 21 Hawking birthday. The young people began a relationship, but their tranquility and normality was affected when Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Ela. But despite his illness and that they gave little hope of life, Jane decided to continue with him. His binomial was very special.

In 1965, Stephen married Jane, was surprising as the young woman decided to surrender body and soul to Stephen, leaving aside many things to accompany him and support him day by day and that he continued with his work. In 1990 he could not throw more from the car and separated. Stephen and Jane had three children: Robert Hawking, Lucy Hawking and Tim Hawking. Jane and Stephen separated in 1990 and divorced 5 years later.


In 1995, a short time after Stephen divorces Jane, he married Elaine Manson a nurse, however this was not a beautiful love story, because Fuentes say she is not dedicated to Hawking care and say she was a controller, manipulator and mandona and that humiliated and mistreated Hawking for a long time. 

These rumors increased when Stephen had to be hospitalized for serious pneumonia, depending on that at that time the doctors noticed that Hawking possessed bruises in the body and cuts in the face. And then he was also admitted to the hospital for a serious failure, because it is said that Elaine left him alone for several hours in the sun. Hawking descendants proceeded to make a complaint against women, and a investigation process began, but Stephen Hawking never collaborated or clarified anything about what happened. 

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