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Bilingualism today


A language is not inanimate that is learned and dominated definitively, but it is a living thing that is built and transforms according to our way of thinking and behaving with the world. From this point of view, the language is closely linked to our emotions and our identity. It is possible to speak a language fluently from childhood and yet, do not worry bilingual: this happens, for example, when it does not live in the country where that language speaks and, consequentsocial.

With respect when we know a language, this implies the existence of an active part, which consists of speaking and writing, and another passive, which covers listening and reading. “A bilingual person includes two languages in all parts, both active and passive. However, these skills are developed in different proportions in many of the bilinguals ” 



At present, when talking about bilingualism or we seek the word bilingual in a dictionary, automatically it sells us the concept of the “usual use of two languages in the same region or by the same person” that is how we buy the image of a bilingualperfect. More it is not so simple to delimit the meaning of this word in a single notion, since, not only is it defined in the management of two linguistic systems. A true bilingual is the one who thinks of both languages and thinking about two languages goes beyond managing the levels of analysis of the same.


It should be said that this is only a part of the entire process of a true bilingual, since it must be recognized as a member of both different linguistic communities, to the same social and cultural level. Which most bilinguals in the world do not meet these deep and personal characteristics that change the way of thinking according to language.

One of these characteristics is cultural and own assessment in relation to spoken language. It is important that bilingual people develop a different personality prototype by acquiring a second language, since it has been determined to think and speak in the native language of each one will always reflect the main and dominant personality of each one. It is important that bilingual people develop a different personality type in acquiring a second language


When describing in Spanish, for example, people tend to express themselves in relation to their families, friends and hobbies. On the other hand, when described in English they emphasized their achievements, houses of study and activities. This has been taken as evidence regarding the way in which languages are linked to certain cultural values. That in the oral communicative act in one, one should not be thought of previously, but is being developed at that precise moment.

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