Bilingualism In Primary Education

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Bilingualism in Primary Education


Although there is a great diversity of languages, English has become the most used language by having 340 million speakers. This is why the Spanish Educational Administration has decided to bet above all for Spanish-English bilingual education, although there are Spanish-French and Spanish bilingual centers, and has considered it appropriate for students to begin to enter their learning from agesearly, when they are more receptive.

More and more schools are opting for bilingual education that improve both the social and professional future of students. In Andalusia, specifically, there are currently 5.828 bilingual centers. But are we really aware of what "bilingual education" means? Bilingual education does not consist in the teaching of one language or another or that students speak fluently in both languages, but in the teaching of content belonging to non -linguistic areas in two different languages in a natural way. This means enhancing experiential learning, since the best way to learn a language is by immersion.


1. Bilingualism in the primary education classroom

Current Spanish society tends to exchange information about different aspects through new technologies, seek work abroad, travel, participate in foreign commercial relations and communicate with citizens belonging to countries around the planet. These are some of the reasons why today it is essential that new generations learn to speak different languages and so it is impossible2017).

The domain of a second language is very advantageous for students, since it opens doors to a broader workplace as it is a communication, learning and fun vehicle. In addition, it favors the development of learning capabilities, cultural, critical, linguistic, cognitive valuation and intellectual flexibility. Among the benefits that this knowledge provides, it is worth highlighting the possibility of knowing social and ideological aspects of other cultures, valuing and appreciating similarities and differences with their own and thus contributing to the development of tolerance and respect.


Likewise, certain articles expose that bilingual people exercise the mind more and know how to eliminate distractions more easily, allowing them to concentrate more on what they are working on, they develop the ability to think about that language and improve the problem -solving ability to solveand listening. In addition, they affirm that these, repress the deterioration of the mind which allows to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

As a consequence of all the above, the Junta de Andalucía developed the plan to promote multilingualism that responds to the needs of Andalusian society. The bilingual education that it develops is based on the teaching of several non -linguistic areas in two different languages, the mother tongue and a foreign language. 

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