Big Data In Business And Their Potential

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Big data in business and their potential


Currently, the ease with which people can exchange and generate information is a reality, thanks to the Internet you can share very varied information of multimedia type. In recent years, the amounts of information to which you have access and can be handled, nowadays, information to acquired an important value in the different areas of work and social, being a primary factor for the development of the development of the development of the development ofThe organizations based on analyzed data, oriented to specific work that help in the choice of correct decisions.

As the time has been after the techniques and tools that have been developed for the collection and processing of data obtained in different scales and various themes or fields of study have evolved. Today there is a very efficient tool, it is data mining, this allows to visualize the information that generates in a easily.


What is Big Data?

Big Data (large data volume), is a set of data that has the capacity to capture, storage, management and analysis of database tools.

With this tool you can take data from any source and analyze them to find answers that make possible, this can help for cost reduction, time reductions, development of new products and optimized solutions and smart decision making.

This definition was introduced with the popularization of this term, which does not describe the specific objective of the term, so this definition has been limited by some terms.

Big Data are information assets characterized by their high volume, speed and variety, which demand innovative and efficient processing solutions for the improvement of knowledge and decision making in organizations.

Big is called the process of administration and analysis of large amounts of data that should not normal since they exceed the capacities and limits of software tools that are normally used as long as the management, capture and processing of data.

These tools are used for technologies, infrastructure and services created to give solutions at the time of huge processes of structured, unstructured or semi -structured data sets, these have their origin in sensors, audio files, microphones, cameras, medical scanners,images, smartphones among others.

Who use the big data?

  • Banks
  • They use it to better serve customers, with this tool they can minimize risk and fraud and at the same time maintain compliance with regulations.
  • Education
    • The educational processes handle large amounts of information, the Big Data offers analysis to improve in research and implementation issues for the improvement in student evaluation systems, communication between teachers and their superiors, creating improved and efficient structures.
    • Government
      • Through this tool, they can efficiently manage the large amount of information in their processes and optimize them, which generates a significant improvement in the provision of services.
      • Health care
        • It is used to register patients, prescription treatment plans and information and with that they can serve customers quickly and precisely.
        • Manufacture
          • With this tool the manufacturers of the products can raise quality and production and at the same time minimize waste.
          • Retail
            • With this tool they can sell their products to their customers in a simple way, it is the best way at the time of making transactions and the most strategic way to recover customers that have been lost.


               In my thinking the Big Data is a very important tool for any organization or company since with this they can offer their products and services in a quick and simple way. Thanks to this tool different companies use the bit data to make money since they can promote their products and with these customers can buy online so that they can grow in work. 

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