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Vasili Grossman was born on December 12, 1905 in Berdichev (Ukraine). Belonged to a Jewish family, whose parents were humble workers. These separated and Grossman moved to Switzerland for two years. He studied high school in kyiv, but had to return to his hometown because of the civil war. Several years later, he returned to the capital of Ukraine to study chemical engineering and, in 1923, moved to Moscow to finish his studies. At this time it was when he began to be interested in literature and change his mind regarding his future profession: he wanted to be a writer. In 1928 he married and, two years later, he had his first daughter. Soon he graduated as a chemist and returned to Ukraine, where he worked as such. In 1931 he got tuberculosis and returned to Moscow after healing and, the following year, he separated from his wife.

In 1934 he wrote his first story, called in the city of Berdichev, with which he attracted attention to a famous writer of the time. He told him that he was a good writer, and that he should devote himself to that professionally. At the end of that year he published his first novel.

In 1936 he married again and had two more children. In 1937, he joined the union of Soviet writers, but did not join the Communist Party.

He tried to enlist in the Army to fight against the Germans, but rejected him for his poor state of health. However, they sent the Russian Russian Armies newspaper as a journalist. He was in Stalingrad witnessing the war between the Germans and the Soviet, and followed the Soviet army in the next battles after defeating the Germans.

In the following years he conducted interviews with survivors of massacres and wars by the Germans and wrote several novels and articles based on these testimonies and their own experiences. But one of the things that highlighted was his trilogy about Stalingrad.

Almost all his works were censored by the Government. In 1950 he began writing his most important and better known work: life and destiny. It took ten years to write it and did not become edited or published. Due to the content of that work, the authorities confiscated everything related to her and also withdrew the rest of her works from the bookstores. Despite this, Grossman kept writing. The last thing he wrote was everything flows.

He died on September 14, 1964 and is such an important figure because, apart from the great novels and articles he wrote, he was one of the first journalists who reported on the existence of concentration camps.

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