Argentina Luz Chiriboga Guerrero: Feminist Writer

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Argentina Luz Chiriboga Guerrero: Feminist writer

ARGENTINA LUZ Chiriboga Guerrero is one of the main Afro -descendant writers in Ecuador, her works play issues such as racial identity, sexism, homophobia, domestic violence and feminism. It was born on April 1, 1940 in the province of Esmeraldas, specifically in the hot neighborhood, daughter of Second Chiriboga and Luz María Guerrero. He studied the Biology Bachelor at the Central University of Ecuador. He married at 22 with Nelson Estupiñan, his colleague, who, like her, portrayed the life of the Afro -Ecuadorian population in his works.

Initially it had been very difficult for him to enter the world of politics, since that area belonged to men. However, he entered the political group "Enough already", which did not last long because it was a party alone of women. He started working in favor of Afro -Ecuadorian women for the call of Olga Rodríguez and together with Nelson gave talks that made their rights known. By 1976, she was appointed president of the National Union of Women of Ecuador.

Among his most important works, we have the voices of life ("The voices of life") produced in 1981, with ecological theme. His critical essay "Popular music against women", published in the magazine Culture of Ecuador, which talks about sexism and misogyny. He had participation in Unesco international conferences, she was also invited to give literature seminars to universities in Africa, America and the Caribbean. In 1986, his literary work "The Christ of the Low Look", won the prize in the International Literary Contest General San Martín. In Ecuador he has made presentations at the CCE of Esmeraldas, who in turn have given prizes for his outstanding works within the work of activism in favor of the human rights of women and Afrolatine culture, also of ecology.

In an interview with Carol Beane for Afro-Hispanic Review, Chiriboga, he tells us:

“For me, writing is as if it will display the candles of my ship and start them for directions and processes. Issue in them my hopes, the hopes of an entire people, their aberrations, their fatigue;These beings that roam my insomnia and live with me for a long time." 

The impact of Argentina’s works reached different intellectuals such as: Umar Klert Ghov or Santiago Arboleda Quiñonez. His works have come to translate into English, French, Italian and even the Andean language, Quechua. 

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